Vintage Kantha

Beautiful and Unique Vintage Kantha.

Theres always a story behind the amazing crafts and textiles in India!

Vintage Kantha are made from genuine recycled Sari and hand quilted.
Five to six patches of soft vintage sari cloths are stitched together to form a patchwork running fabric. Two layers of equal width patchwork fabrics are piled together and hand embroidered to form a quilt as a statement piece for beds, throws for couches and large comfy armchairs or bohemian outdoor throws. the versatility is endless.

It usually takes a group of 4-5 women around seven days to complete a VINTAGE SARI KANTHA. These kanthas are finally washed and sun-dried for usage.   

At times you may find some patches on these vintage saris, which is a process of restoration and is a mark of genuine VINTAGE. The sari are hand blocked and printed by master artisans in India and so lovely to have a unique textile that will not be seen everywhere or mass produced.

For the rural women, Kantha Embroidery comes as a wish-granting jewel as it makes them self-dependent. With the help of regular work and the remuneration earned, they are able to earn as much as their husbands, provide education for their children, save money for their families.
Their inspiring perseverance with proper skill training and motivation is shown through the unbelievable fine intricate thread work on VINTAGE SARI.

DID YOU KNOW: The story of Kantha goes back to the time of the Buddha and his disciples who were said to wear kantha embroidered recycled patches on their robes.


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