November Trip to Jaipur

November Update to come - so excited and off to India! 

What are you GRATEFUL for today!

Honouring your true path, passions and appreciation of the truly beautiful things in this world.. Following and celebrating the journey of those on the same path and the wonderful connection of like minded souls who resonate with you on so many LEVELS. ❤️

The friendships and connections you just inherently trust as you blindly but blissfully move forward to reach your dreams❤️

India, the mystery and beauty that just keeps unfolding to embrace you with mystical charm, the heritage and skilled artisans, so many wonderful people who speak from the heart... aah India - you are a beautiful and magical haven ❤️

Thank you for allowing me to pursue my dreams and passion on the path to blissful joy ! Namaste 🙏 

TULA STORE looks forward to sharing our trip and journey along the way xoxox

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