India - Rich Silks, Fabrics and Textiles!

Just back from India and such a beautiful country with the most incredible fabrics and textiles, really a haven for immersing yourself in all things beautiful.

India has a culture that is incredibly spiritual, welcoming, intriguing, bohemian, rich in history and crafts that are carried on by the generations in each family.The whole trip was like a dream with the rich colours, fabrics, markets and celebrations combined with drums, music, dancing and smiles that transport you to a totally different vibration of happiness and euphoria. 

Catching up with friends in each part of India and of course looking to expand the range for Tula, we have introduced Pyjamas and Kimono Robes for summer that are hand blocked and the most stunning quality, presented in their own beautiful tie hand blocked bag for travel. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Love Tula xoxoxo

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